I started writing songs
in the 1980s. Here are 
a few together with 
some more recent ones.

Happy listening.
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Robert Donovan
Music Fund !
Many thanks for your appreciation and consideration.
* Written in collaboration with and featuring vocals and bass guitar by Chris Haggett
° Sound effects courtesy of SoundBible.com

Breakfast Television


*Don't Miss Me Baby

*Chunky Donovan

*Outside Axel

*°Nowhere to Hide

In the Dead of the Night

*Finding My Way

Media Mania

Le Châlet au Fond du Jardin

My Black & Blue Heart


A Time For Dying

A Bungalow On Mars

*Mr Brexit Man

In The Gambia

Breakfast Television.mp3 A Time For Dying.mp3 Déjà vù.mp3 Hollywood.mp3 In The Dead of the Night.mp3 Le Chalet au Fond du Jardin.mp3 Media Mania (I Don't Wanna Know).mp3 My Black & Blue Heart.mp3 Chunky Donovan (Remix  2).mp3 DON'T MISS ME BABY.mp3 Outside Axel (134bpm)(vocalsRD)REMIX.mp3 Nowhere to Hide.mp3 Finding My Way (mix 2).mp3 Mr Brexit Man.mp3 My Bungalow on Mars.mp3 In The Gambia.mp3 PayPal: Buy Music donation