I started writing songs
in the 1980s. Here are 
a few together with 
some more recent ones.

Happy listening.
Downloads are free!
Robert Donovan
* Written in collaboration with and featuring vocals and bass guitar by Chris Haggett
° Sound effects courtesy of SoundBible.com


*Chunky Donovan

*°Nowhere to Hide

In the Dead of the Night

*Finding My Way

Media Mania

Le Châlet au Fond du Jardin


A Time For Dying (The Bond theme that never was!)

A Bungalow On Mars

*Mr Brexit Man

In The Gambia

A Time For Dying.mp3 Déjà vù.mp3 Hollywood.mp3 In The Dead of the Night.mp3 Le Chalet au Fond du Jardin.mp3 Media Mania (I Don't Wanna Know).mp3


Chunky Donovan (Remix  2).mp3

Breakfast Television

*Don't Miss Me Baby

Breakfast Television.mp3 DON'T MISS ME BABY.mp3

*Outside Axel

Outside Axel (134bpm)(vocalsRD)REMIX.mp3 Nowhere to Hide.mp3 Finding My Way (mix 2).mp3 Mr Brexit Man.mp3 My Bungalow on Mars.mp3 In The Gambia.mp3
Many thanks for your appreciation.
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